Low FODMAP Feta and Spinach stuffed Flatbreads

Last week I shared with you a low fodmap dough recipe therefore I wanted to share with you one of my favourite recipes to make with the dough. I used to live on Green Lanes in Haringey in London. The road was lined with Turkish shops and just underneath my tiny studio flat was a shop which made gozleme (stuffed turkish flatbread) and baklava. A lady used to sit in the shop front making gozleme all day. Since most of their fillings contains onions I decided to make a low FODMAP version of these tasty flatbreads. I have been making these for over a year now but never gotten around to posting the recipe. I have made these on numerous occasions for my friends and they have always been a huge success. Give these flatbreads a go as they are a definite crowd-pleaser! I love making these for picnics as they’re still good when served cold.

Feta and spinach stuffed flatbreads (Makes 8)


  • Dough:
    • 400g Gluten free all purpose flour/ plain flour
    • 300g lactose free plain yogurt
    • 1 tsp olive oil
    • water to bind
  • 200g feta cheese
  • 200g spinach
  • pepper to taste
  • handful of chopped chives


  1. Make the dough.
  2. Combine the flour, yogurt and olive oil. Mix together to form a dough and add water slowly while kneading until you have a smooth soft dough.
  3. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes before using. In the meantime prepare the filling.
  4. Chop the spinach.
  5. Crumble the feta cheese and mix with the spinach.
  6. Season the mixture with the chives and pepper.
  7. Divide the dough into 8. You can also make much more by making party sized ones instead.
  8. Open the dough very thinly and cover half with a layer of the feta and spinach mixture.
  9. Fold the dough over and seal the edges with a little water.
  10. Put a pan on medium heat and once warm place the flatbread on.
  11. Cook until its a golden brown then flip and cook on the other side.
  12. Repeat with the remaining flatbreads.
  13. While cooking the remaining flatbreads, place the cooked ones on a rack.
  14. They are best served warm but they still taste fantastic cold.


Breakfast, feta and spinach stuffed flatbreads

Other ideas of what to make with the dough:

  1. Pizza: Divide the dough into four and roll out thinly with a rolling pin. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 220C or 200 fan-assisted for approximately 5 minutes. Then remove from the oven, top it with sauce, cheese and your toppings and cook until the cheese is melted and golden.


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