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What is IBS? Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

Spotting high FODMAP ingredients when reading food labels

FODMAP Friendly Products – Ongoing list UK

One week low FODMAP meal planner with recipes

Food intolerance testing

Are IgG food intolerance tests such as the york test reliable?

3 thoughts on “IBS Information

  1. Please can you let me know what the items in red mean. I am following a low fodmap diet but having been eating Tesco ginger cookies – 1 a day this item is in red, does it contain fodmaps, if so which?

  2. Thanks for your reply, I’m finding your website helpful.
    What do you think about having cabbage on a low fodmap diet, I am a bit confused. I know savoy is definitely out but some websites and the Monash app same other cabbages are ok, some say to avoid. I am concentrating on avoiding fructans as they seem to be the one causing me problems, I am fine with polyols and fructose.
    I see you list the Ecomil hemp milk as being ok but what about Good Hemp hemp milk, it contains grape juice extract concentrate. The Monash app says all grapes are fine so is this free of fructans?

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