Adding flavour in low FODMAP cooking

Having to give up onion and garlic was a huge ordeal. Being Mediterranean I had never cooked anything without onions and garlic prior going low FODMAP.  A year on I still look at them longingly when doing my grocery shopping however I have found other FODMAP friendly ways of adding flavour to my food including onion and garlic flavours!  Check out my favourite ways to flavour my meals below.



  1. Aren’t spring onions high FODMAP?
    Yes however the green part is low FODMAP.
  2. Why can’t I eat garlic and onion but can have garlic and onion infused oil?
    FODMAPs in garlic and onion are water soluble therefore when cooking in oil the FODMAPs do not leech out into the oil. This allows the oil to be infused with just the flavour.




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