Low FODMAP Easter Chocolate 2022

If you’re looking for a low FODMAP easter egg, I have put together a list of Easter chocolate I have come across this Easter so far to help you out. Remember to still watch your portion size as larger portions of dark chocolate become high in the FODMAP galactooligosaccharides. Furthermore high intakes of fat can also trigger symptoms for some.

You may also purchase standard milk chocolate eggs as long as you limit your serving to 20g every 4-5 hours.

My biggest tip is to watch out for ‘inulin’ amongst the ingredients especially if looking at vegan chocolate. Inulin in a fermentable fibre and is a fructan. From experience many people tend to experience some gut symptoms after consuming products including inulin.

This list is correct at time of publishing however be aware that ingredients may change in the future altering the FODMAP content.

  1. Buttermilk Choccy Easter Egg

2. Buttermilk Zingy orange crisp egg

3. Buttermilk Zingy orange crisp bunny

4. Divine Smooth Dark with Raspberries Easter Egg

5. Divine 70% dark chocolate easter egg

6. Green and Black’s Dark chocolate easter egg

7. Montezuma’s Milk chocolate alternative Chick with buttons

8. Montezuma’s The three chicklateers

9. Montezuma’s Dark chocolate chick with buttons

10. Moo free White easter bunny

11. Hip oat milk salted caramel easter egg

12. Divine 70% dark chocolate mini eggs

13. Love Cocoa Maldon sea salt dark chocolate egg

14. Montezuma’s Absolute black peanut butter mini eggs

15. Buttermilk salted caramel choccy egg & caramel cups

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