Crispy Aromatic Duck

Here’s a simple recipe to make one of the nations Chinese take out favourites. Best of all the oven does most of the work.



  • 2 duck legs
  • chines 5 spice*
  • cucumber
  • green part of spring onions
  • chinese pancakes** or rice spring roll wrappers
  • hoisin sauce***

*some brands contain onion. Be sure to check the ingredient list.

**chinese pancakes are made from wheat

***I used this recipe. I omitted the garlic, and used only 2 tbsp of reduced salt soy sauce.



  1. Preheat oven to 180C or 160C fan.
  2. Rub the chinese 5 spice into the duck and ensure it is all covered.
  3. Cook the duck for 1hr15min to 1hr 30mins.
  4. While the duck is cooking prepare the hoisin sauce, and cut the cucumber and green parts of spring onion in sticks.
  5. Serve with pancakes or rice wrappers, cucumber, green parts of spring onion and hoisin sauce.

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